Triathlon Team


FITNESS 4 U Triathlon team meets regularly on a Sunday morning for their training sessions. A bike ride is anything from 15 miles of hill work to 35 miles of stamina training. Runs from 3 miles to 6 miles, and during the summer we introduce sea swimming, ideal for those triathletes who want experience of open water swimming, but who don't want to swim alone. Wetsuits recommended!!

Occasionally we combine 2 or 3 of the disciplines doing brick sessions or trial triathlons. Basically anything that will help you to finish an event!

Some of the team members train at Waterworld in the lane sessions, but we are still trying to obtain water time where we can train as a team.

The team has a very laid back friendly approach and the team welcomes anyone who wants company in training or competition.

Team members choose any events they want to enter, but all the team members try to co-ordinate their events so that they can support each other. Most of the events are local one, but occasionally some of the team members travel out of the county to compete.

The successes of the team so far have been:

  • Team Kennett Novice Triathlon - 1st Ladies 2000
  • Wadebridge Triathlon - 1st Ladies 2000
  • Bodmin Triathlon - 1st Ladies 2001
  • Gloucester Triathlon - 1st Ladies 2002
  • Newquay Surf Triathlon - 3rd Ladies 2002
  • Bude Relay Triathlon - 3rd 2002
  • Hayle Triathlon - 3rd Ladies Veteran 2006
  • Padstow to Rock Swim - 1st Ladies 2006
  • Redruth 10km Run - 3rd Ladies Veteran 2006