Parent and baby/toddler swimming classes

Man holding baby in a swimming pool

For children aged 0-3 years

Parent and Baby classes are fun and friendly, aimed at building water confidence and skills through nursery rhymes and play in the water.

The advantages of learning through the parent and baby class is that the basic swimming skills are learnt before any fear of water can develop. With the emphasis on fun, the children learn that water and swimming is fun from a very early age.

By attending the parent and baby class, the children get used to the swimming environment with the comfort of having their parent in the water with them. By the time they move onto the preschool lessons, they are ready to move on without their parents. It is very noticeable that the children who have attended the parent and baby classes are much more advanced than those who start at a later age.

How To Enrole

To enrole in this or any other class, visit the Contact Us page to get in touch.