Exercise Therapy

Elderly clients performing situps

Fitness 4 U Cornwall provides both Group and One-to-One training sessions tailored for elderly and disabled clients.

Group Sessions

These are designed for groups of elderly people or disabled/wheelchair bound clients. Fitness 4 U currently serves 20 residential homes in Cornwall. The ideal thing about these classes is that the instructor comes into the home, so there is no expensive taxi costs etc.

The classes are designed to help the mobility of those people who do not get any exercise to mobilise joints and to improve circulation, balance and co-ordination. The classes are set to lively music, so that even if the residents are unable to complete the exercises, they get some stimulation from the music and from watching the others participate.

The oldest person to take part in these exercises is 102 years old. Quite a feat, but one which proves that you are never too old to exercise!!

One to One Sessions

Exercise Therapy can be done on a one to one basis and is very good for clients who are rehabilitating or who are enthusiastic about keeping active, but have problems with mobility. Clients normally have the sessions in the comfort of their own home with the instructors making the journey to them.

How To Enrole

To enrole in these or any other classes, visit the Contact Us page to get in touch.